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Justin Pinkerton is an Oakland-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and DJ. He has recorded and performed extensively over the past 20+ years with such bands as Golden Void, Planes of Satori, The Roots of Orchis, Eyes, The Finches, Moholy Nagy and such artists as Rafter Roberts and Scott Pinkmountain. His wide range of instrumental abilities and compositional experience along with his broad musical knowledge have made him a sought out member of many projects ranging in style from jazz, Afro-beat, and funk to folk, roots and rock. He currently is focusing on his solo projects Futuropaco and Glass Parallels. Justin recently released a Glass Parallels album called "Aisle of Light" and is currently working on his follow up to Futuropaco's debut release on El Paraiso Records. Recently, El Paraiso Records released an album of Justin's synthesizer compositions called Aak'ab. Additionally, he has composed music for television and web advertisements for clients such as Toyota, Dodge, Audi, BMW, Comcast, Harley Davidson, Cadillac, Square, Corona and many others.


Justin offers introductory lessons in percussion as well as production/engineering. His knowledge of composition, production and performance, in both percussive and melodic instruments, sets him apart from many other musicians. Not only can he help you think about exploring the world of percussion, he can also help you think in the context of music as a whole; from technique, to performance, to documentation. Justin is very interested in fostering a love for music at an early age, as he enjoys doing with his one year old son. With the lack of music programs in schools he feels it is important to be able to provide that experience to children of all ages.


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